We optimise equipment and profitability

We have an industrial maintenance team designed to keep your installations and equipment in optimal operating conditions within the scope of our services. Good maintenance of your assets increases your productivity and efficiency, improving profitability

SERINCAL - Instalaciones industriales

Legal preventive maintenance

We carry out the legal periodic inspections of your air conditioning, cooling and pressure equipment, according to current regulations.

This type of maintenance consists of regular visits within the framework of an annual agreement.

SERINCAL - Mantenimiento de instalaciones

Maintenance of installations and infrastructures

We take care of the maintenance of your buildings and infrastructures within a service framework, after delegating the management of your assets to SERINCAL, which will take care of their maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

We take care of your preventive maintenance through renewable annual agreements including regular visits by our technicians.

Visits can be carried out either whilst the installations are in operation (to check for errors and verify controls and safeguards) or when the installations are shut down (to analyse their condition and integrity).

Don’t worry about the mandatory inspections; our agreement will include the required applicable mandatory inspections  according to current law.

We are authorised by the Dirección General de Industria, Energía y Minas de la Comunidad de Madrid para efectuar las inspecciones y pruebas periódicas necesarias del RITE y del REP

Mantenimiento de instalaciones e infraestructuras

We also maintain buildings and infrastructures within a service framework establishing a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan for all assets.

Entrust SERINCAL with the comprehensive management of your maintenance and we will ensure that your equipment remains in an optimal state of operation, and take responsibility for preventive, corrective and legal smaintenance, if necessary.

SERINCAL - Mantenimiento industrial
Legalización de calderas

Certification of industrial boilers

We offer a certification service for boilers and other pressure equipment

Whether it is our equipment or not, we ensure that the installation complies with the regulations and safety requirements established by law throughout its service life